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From the first conversation we want to understand who our clients are and what's most important to them.   We believe that wealth management is more than providing advice about your money. It's about relationships, not salesmanship.  It's about standing alongside you, treating  you as a human being not a sales quota or faceless name.  It's about gaining your trust and knowing that we are always working for you and with you, not around you.   It's about building successful relationships through consistent communication and  active listening. 

Our planning process starts with a Discovery Meeting where we will analyze and review your needs.  We will work with you to identify and prioritize your objectives, determine your risk level and then help establish benchmark goals.

We will analyze and consider all aspects of your current situation to determine what you need to achieve your goals.  We will design a plan that is unique to you that will include:  Risk Management, Lifestyle Planning, Tax Management, and Legacy Planning.   Our financial plans address what most clients want to know "Will I have more money coming in than going out?"

We will implement a momentum style or fact-based strategy to manage your investments.  We continually analyze the charts and fundamentals of the overall markets to make the best recommendations for your financial plan.

We will provide ongoing service as your needs and situation change over time.  Planning is not a one-shot deal.  Strategies need to be adjusted as your life changes.  We will work with you over the years to help keep your financial plan on track with your changing needs

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